Point of Sale

Acme Point of Sale tightly integrates with Vertical Software’s Accounts Receivable, Inventory control and General Ledger. Acme is lightning fast and handles barcode printing, credit card processing, remote stores, delivery trucks, call desks, parts counters, as well as many other advanced POS needs. Acme does all this AND has a lower total cost of ownership than many entry level systems. Check Out…The Way It Should Be.

Key Benefits of Using ACME POS Software

Heads Down Interface – Acme’s true point of sale style interface means it’s easy to use; the uncluttered screens make navigation easy for clerks to keep their eyes on the scanner and keyboard.

Speed – Everything about Acme was built for speed. The bigger the database the more you will appreciate Acme’s appetite for data. Acme can chew through 250,000 items or customers in no time.

Super Find Inventory and Customers – Phonetic matches, multiple keywords, and advanced heuristics to weigh the results. Search on multiple words; find alternate spellings and abbreviations too! Black, Blk. Louver, LVR, Johnson, Janssen etcetera etc. No keywords to maintain!

Merge Scan – Accurate quantity price breaks regardless of scan order.

Practice Mode – Train clerks in between handling real customers.

Manager’s Key – Password protected privileges. Manager can log in during a sale and trump clerks privileges.

Integrated Payment Processing – Use almost any processor! Gift Cards, Store Credit Gift Cards, Manufacturer Coupons, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Electronic Benefits. Check authorization.

Pick-ups and Deliveries – Pick-up and Delivery Tickets include proper handling of sales tax by destination or point of transfer.

Multi-Rate Sales Tax – Many systems only look at the customer to find a tax percentage and an item to find taxable Yes / No. In Acme we look at customer, customer ship-to (when appropriate) and the item. Works great for liquor stores, deliveries, or other taxing situations.

Print more than just bar codes – Also print bar coded price book, code book and dozens of specialized reports.

Mixed Transactions – Receive on account, sell and take returns all in same transaction. Returns include price validation.

Hardware – Acme works with about 90% of the POS hardware on the market today. Each lane can be configured with different hardware.

Traditional and Touch Screens – Take full advantage of traditional or programmable keyboards, traditional or touch screens.

Support & Training

Our technicians will support your computers, printers, networks, routers as well as your software. Get a real support team, not excuses. Here are just a few advantages of our support package.


  • Flat Rates-Never any per minute billing
  • Customer Driven Updates
  • Remote PC Control
  • Grain Accounting
  • References available upon request

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