This powerful software saves time, imagine never handwriting scale tickets again! ScaleTrac also eliminates potential entry errors by capturing weight electronically and calculating each ticket with computer accuracy.

  • Integrates with modern scale indicators
  • Simple to use, no computer experience needed (Touch Screen Technology)
  • Integrates with all Moisture Meters
  • Prints scale tickets on plain paper
  • Calculates Dry Charges, shrink, and net bushels.
  • NTEP Approved
  • Integrates to Near Infrared Devices (NIR)
  • Tracks field/farm yield history
  • Tenant/Landlord Splits
  • Tracks outbound Shipments
  • Track Trucks & Freight Charges
  • Integrates with popular commodity accounting systems.

ScaleTrac can also be configured to operate unattended by using our Fully Automated Grain ATM Kiosk *Powered by ScaleTrac. Scale tickets can also be automatically be printed using our Vertical Outdoor Remote Ticket Printer.


ScaleTrac offers exports to Agris™, Agvantage™, Agvance™, Cargill™, Intellego™, Oakland™, and SAP™ systems.

Support & Training

Our technicians will support your computers, printers, networks, routers as well as your software. Get a real support team, not excuses. Here are just a few advantages of our support package.

  • Flat Rates-Never any per minute billing
  • Customer Driven Updates
  • Remote PC Control
  • Grain Accounting
  • References available upon request

GrainTrac is a User Friendly Commodity Accounting Software

ScaleTrac  is a powerful system that saves you time!

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